South Africans and communities across the world celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day today. 

The 18th July marks our former President’s birthday. Madiba was South Africa’s first democratically elected president in 1994.

Madiba was the name of a Thembu chief who ruled in the Transkei in the 18th century. It is considered very polite to use someone's clan name. Tata - in Xhosa, the language of the Madiba tribe, the word means “father”, but it is a term of endearment given to him by many South Africans regardless of their age.



  Madiba and Johnny Clegg. 

Johnny Clegg (June 7, 1953 - July 16, 2019)












St Theresa's Parish, Welcome Estate    

* The Soup Kitchen runs every Thursday around noon from the parish hall and 2pm from St Monica's, Heideveld. Please be generous in your support: we need a weekly supply of soup mix, split peas and bread, and VOLUNTEERS are welcome to help with preparation or distibution  
 *Baptism takes place on Sunday 4th August. Baptism Instruction classes are at 3pm onSaturday 13th, 20th and 27th July.  Parents with infants for baptism please contact the Priest for an appointment as soon as possible

      Fr Didacus McGrath (OFM Cap): Death Anniversary 18th July







                                                                                                  12 July 2019  

Capuchin Franciscan Province of Ireland: Newly Elected Provincial Minister,  Brother Seán Kelly, and new Councillors, together with General Minister, Br Roberto Genuin and General Councillor, Br Pio Murat



Capuchin Custos of South Africa, Br Odilo Mroso, and Custody secretary, Br Anstey Kay, attended the Chapter of the Capuchin Province of Ireland, and are pictured above with Br Seán Kelly.