When the Risen Jesus appeared to his friends after his resurrection, his greeting was one of peace.  “Peace be with you”! His disciples, we’re told, “were filled with joy”.

The  risen Lord Jesus offers  us his gifts of peace and joy. The gift of peace, Shalom, means a peace between us and our God, a peace with all others, and a peace within our own souls and hearts.

The gift of joy which our risen Saviour gives us is one that, in the words of Pope Francis, “fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus”.

May the living and risen Jesus go with us on our journey through life, and may his own special peace, a peace the world cannot give, be our hope.

And may the joy of the Lord be our strength as we renew our commitment to him this Easter.

We, the Capuchin Franciscans of South Africa, wish you all, our friends, your homes and families, an abundance of the Risen Lord’s peace and joy for Easter.